T(w)eens Cooking Camps
Summer 2022

Session 1: July 18 - 22. Session 2: August 15 - 19.
11:30am to 1:00pm ET
Help your kids become confident cooks in just one week!
With Claire Tansey, cookbook author & celebrity chef.
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You know your t(w)een needs to learn the essential life skill of cooking.

Now you're looking for a simple and fun way to get it done.
You've thought about teaching your kid yourself...
...but that's frustrating for you-and them!

You've checked out in-person cooking lessons...
...but they are expensive, and the lessons don’t translate to your home kitchen.
You've thought about waiting until your kid is older...
...but you know that age 11 - 14 is the last time when kids will listen to an adult.
Bottom Line:
  1. Your kids need to learn to cook
  2. The perfect age is between 11 - 14
  3. You’re not the best person to teach them
Here's a crazy question for you:
What if you could give your t(w)een crucial life skills and teach them how to cook amazing meals ...with virtually zero involvement from you?
Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. I'm about to show you exactly how.
Here's the deal with trying to teach kids to cook in 2022
Parents want their kids to learn safely without having to supervise every move
Parents think their kids are too picky and won't be open to anything new
Kids want their summer camps to be fun and not feel like "school"
...and that's where T(w)eens Cooking Camps come in
In just 90 minutes a day for one week, your kids will not only learn one of life’s most important skills, COOKING, but they will also try new foods, clean up after themselves AND actually enjoy it.
Check out all the other life skills baked into Camp:
So long, picky eating!
Every day I get emails from delighted parents exclaiming, “My kid never ate ____ before Camp!” Eggplant, cabbage, salad, brown rice, seaweed and cilantro are just some of the many things Campers have fallen in love with.
(The secret? They're so proud of the self-created meals that they're excited to eat!!)
Foster a positive
relationship with food
This age group is the most susceptible to anxiety about body image. Let's teach them a better way: To enjoy what they eat and to feed themselves when hungry.
(The secret? I grew up in peak diet culture, criticizing my body endlessly. I’ll be darned if I pass this burden on to a new generation.)
Time management?
Problem solving?
Cooking teaches all of the above and so much more. It is also creative, clever and endlessly interesting. Forever!
(The secret? They’ll also save money, waste less and forever impress their friends, partners and future in-laws, too!)
Cooking is about so 
much more than eating.
Food and cooking are also about family, community and history. Learning to cook means learning to respect the people around us, and the planet we live on. Most of all, kids learn that everyone is worthy of nourishment and joy.
(The secret? Cooking is empowering and inspiring!)
P.S. You get to eat the meals they cook!
Here’s everything you get:
  • Five LIVE virtual cook-along classes with celebrity chef and cookbook author (and tween mom!) Claire Tansey. 
  • Lifetime access to every recipe and replay.
  • Live, interactive Q&A. 
  • Printable workshop companion guide including master recipes and shopping list. 
  • Easy substitution options for dishes from the menu for anyone who is vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free. 
  • Five delicious, healthy menus to cook for life.
Dates & Times
Session 1:
July 18-22, 11:30am-1pm ET

Session 2:
 August 15-19 11:30am-1pm ET
Check out these awesome menus:
Still not sure? I’ve got your back.
100% Money Back Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied with the camp, we will refund your money. The only thing we will ask is that you give us feedback so we can improve!
Hold it right there: Are you my new co-host?

Co-hosts are the secret sauce to all my kids' camps.

Co-hosts cook along with me, ask questions, tell jokes, and generally keep me from getting too serious.

No cooking experience required, just a lot of enthusiasm for food and cooking and maybe a good joke or two.

If chosen, your young person will join me as a co-host for their chosen day and then get to participate as a regular student for the other 4 days of the camp.

Co-hosts get free tuition and a signed copy of my latest cookbook, Dinner Uncomplicated.

Hey There! I'm Claire!
"I believe that every 15-year-old should be able to cook five recipes they love."
I’m a cookbook author but really I’m a home cook who loves to eat dinner with my family. My clearest childhood memories are of my family sitting around a beaten-up table having dinner. I grew up in a family that lived to eat!

It took me a while to figure out that cooking could also be my career, so much part of my DNA that it felt a little bit weird at first. But it did become my career and I ended up as a Food Director in Chatelaine. At Chatelaine, we were developing and testing almost a thousand recipes a year, all designed for home cooks (not for chefs with fancy kitchens, not for people with unlimited budgets).

Along the way, I became a mom and started my own business. Making cooking easy fun and delicious is my superpower. Even if it’s just pasta with butter and parmesan. I believe that if every 15 year old could cook 5 of their favourite recipes, the world will be a much better place.

This will be my fifth camp with teens & tweens. I've taught almost 300 teens & tweens online since 2021.
Real Qs From Other Campers

Should I (the parent) be waiting around just in case?

My general advice for parents of younger kids is to be nearby while the class is happening. I strongly encourage the kids to do as much as possible by themselves, but to reach out to a parent if they need help urgently.

My 10-year old is eager to join.

Please write to connect@clairetansey.com

If we aren’t available for a day, will the video recordings be available and from when?

You'll have lifetime access to recordings of all camps that you sign up for. Recordings are generally available in the next 24 hours.

Will my child be allowed to interact with Claire?

If your child has any questions / wants something to be looked at by Claire, they are always allowed to come on camera and ask their question / show what's happening. There is also a Q&A chat where you can type in your questions, Claire answers them live.

Why a virtual camp now that in-person camps are aplenty?

Children learn more valuable lessons in a virtual cooking camp than an in-person one.

1) Children learn better in your family kitchen and there's no need to translate back in-person learning into your home kitchen. They repeat recipes often when learning to cook from your family kitchen.

2) Grocery Control & Substitution - your t(w)een learns to shop form measure out portion and substitute ingredients.

How do the camps work?

Menu for every camp is available in the sign up page. You get a confirmation email as soon as you sign up for a camp. Shopping list and recipes are sent 1 week before camp. It is recommended that you take out ingredients required for the day and portion it out 30 minutes before the start of each session. Cooking begins between 5 and 10 minutes from session start. Raise hands to ask questions / show your food to Claire.

How do I apply to be a co-host?

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